Abstract Strategy Games

Anything and everything about abstract strategy games

I picked up a new game this week called Ringgz. I won’t make any final judgements until I try it out in my game club next week, but my first impression is good. The board is only 5×5 and it can be played by four players. Normally, four player abstract strategy games need larger boards, but Ringgz is an exception because of its simple design. To give you an overall idea of what the game is like read the following description from boardgamegeek:

Each player has 12 rings (in four sizes) and 3 bases of the same color. These are placed one at a time, in turn, on one of 25 territories laid out in a five X five pattern. You may place a ring i) onto or next to a territory that already has a ring in your color or ii) next to a base of your color. You also may place a base next to a territory that already has a ring in your color. Each territory can accommodate up to four rings as long as all the rings are different sizes. The winner of the territory is the player who has placed the most rings on it when the game ends, which occurs when no one can place any more rings on the board. The bases do not count in the scoring but can be placed on a territory to prevent any other player from placing a ring on it.

I’ll write more after my game club meets and others have played it.