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Are you looking to play chess on your mobile phone? Try Mobile Chess. It works with most cell phones including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, and more. There is free access, but it is limited. If you want unlimited use, it costs up to $12.99. Cost Breakdown

Alexandra Kosteniuk, the women’s world chess champion, has made it in the top 20 sexiest geeks of 2008. Feel free to check out the list and vote for her. She also has confirmed that she will be present at the 2009 Supernationals in Nashville, Tennessee, at the beginning of April.

Did you know The World Chess Federation tests players for drugs? Vassily Ivanchuk after losing his match ignored an official asking for a urine sample. He could have been suspended for two years, but FIDE made the decision not to suspend him. Below is the official release:

The Decision of the FIDE Doping Hearing Panel:

Drug testing is still relatively rare in chess. However, it does occur in various official events and was carried out during the course of the Dresden Olympiad. Unfortunately, a high proportion of the tests were scheduled during the last round and there was a lack of personnel, which lead to a procedural error: there was not a designated Doping Control Officer present at this match (USA v Ukraine).
After losing a crucial game for his country, Mr Ivanchuk was distraught. The Hearing Panel concludes that although the arbiter attempted to inform Mr Ivanchuk in English that he should accompany him for a doping test, Mr Ivanchuk apparently failed to understand the instructions, especially since English is not Mr Ivanchuk’s first language. If there had been a Doping Control Officer present, he would have immediately gone to Mr Ivanchuk’s board and there would have been communication between him and Mr Ivanchuk. In that case the outcome might have been different. Because there was no notification by the Doping Control officer, there was no refusal in the sense of the regulations.
The Conclusion:
The procedural error allied with Mr Ivanchuk’s state of mind led him unintentionally to miss the test. The Hearing Panel therefore concludes unanimously that there should be no penalty.


Abstract Strategy Games

I had a great game morning. Starting at 7am I went to a coffee shop chess club where I was able to get a good game. If you are in the Indianapolis area, I recommend stopping by the club any Saturday morning between 7am and 9:30am. Here’s the address:

Hubbard and Cravens Coffee
4930 N Pennsylvania St
Indianapolis, IN 46205

After, I drove downtown to the Circle City Mall where the game store Go Games is having a 50% off everything sale. I picked up two new games - Go and Rolit. I’ve never played Rolit, and I’m looking forward to playing it at the game club to see what everyone thinks. It’s a multiplayer game, which normally makes a good club game. Especially, if you have an odd number of players. If you are going to buy a game in the next month, I recommend you visit Go Games in the Circle City Mall, because there are some great games for decent prices.


Actually, they bought up Sekkoia SAS, the company that makes Blokus. Mattel will now own all of the Blokus games including Blokus Trigon, Blokus 3D, Blokus Duo, and Blokus Giant.

A reader contacted me after his abstract strategy game Sceptre 1027 AD was stolen out of his car. He is looking for someone who is interested in selling their copy. He’d also consider trading other games for it. One of the guys at my Abstract Strategy Game Club has a copy, but said it would take thousands of dollars to convince him to sell. This tells you how much people love this game. It’s too bad it is out of print. If you own Sceptre 1027 and you are interested in selling or trading it, contact me.