Abstract Strategy Games

Anything and everything about abstract strategy games

This site is dedicated to abstract strategy games and puzzles.  The topics will be related to playing, designing, publishing, marketing, and overall game development.  The goal of this site is to help promote the abstract strategy game genre and excite people to play more often. If you would like to contribute, have a suggestion, or you would like us to review (or playtest) a game, please email:


Scott B Reynolds is a puzzle and game designer living in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He has been designing games since the early 1990’s.  In 1994 he co-owned a business selling games and puzzles on Cape Cod, Massachusetts where he sold Columnz, a game of his own design.  In the late 1990’s he co-invented Full Breach, an abstract strategy game.  He currently spends his time inventing puzzles and games using his own game and puzzle system.