Abstract Strategy Games

Anything and everything about abstract strategy games

At Gen Con Indy 2009, I was lucky enough to get a press pass and I took full advantage. I was able to speak with more gamers this year than in previous years. One of my more interesting interactions was with an abstract strategy game inventor who gave me his newest prototype to review. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be testing it out with some local abstracters. It looks interesting…stay tuned.

I’ve never enjoyed playing chess with unusual pieces because it takes away from gameplay, but this chess set makes me smile. I was a big fan of Super Mario Brothers when I was young, so to see the characters on a chess set seems strange yet familiar.

Abstract Strategy Games

I’ve been hearing more and more gamers discussing Go. Is it becoming more popular?

Interesting 3D version of Blokus:

Looks like my game group:

Abstract Strategy Games

Rolit is a multi-player game similar to Othello:

If you have four players I recommend playing a different game like Blokus, or Ringgz. But, if you have only three players, Rolit is the game. Many four player games can be played with three, but normally aren’t as fun, or the rules are awkward. Rolit doesn’t have that problem, and plays well with three people.

If you like Chess and new rock bands, you’ll love this. I often feel like the guy in the video when I lose a game (throwing a chair). Enjoy.

You’ll also notice that they suck at Connect Four. Black already had four in a row and red kept playing…obviously not abstract strategy gamers!